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What’s Your PFB Moment?

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Someone recently shared an article “Are you suffering from Precious First-Born Syndrome?” with me on Facebook.  As defined on mumsnet, it is an intensive state of parenting in which the afflicted adult becomes alarmingly obsessed with the safety, nutrition and intellectual development of their offspring.  While the condition is in no way limited to those with just one infant, it nevertheless frequently strikes hard with the first child and disappears entirely thereafter.

It is a very interesting read, with a long list of silly things mummies confessed doing for their precious first borns (‘PFBs’), e.g. rubbing ‘no more tears’ shampoo into her own eye to make sure it did not sting, pulling the pram backwards for miles to avoid the mild afternoon sun, and sterilising the steriliser, etc.  While I had a good laugh reading it, I must say that it is something I can totally relate to.

Colby is constantly putting his fingers (if he can’t grab hold of anything else) into his mouth, and this stresses me out A LOT as I have this fear that he may ingest some potentially harmful substance.  I am equally horrified when strangers come forward and touch his tiny little hands – and as soon as they are out of sight, I will whip out the wet wipes and start wiping down his fingers.  How do I know if their hands are clean right?  I was so affected once that I actually cried, just because I kept blaming myself for not being assertive enough to stop an overly-friendly stranger from playing and holding my baby’s hand.  Thinking about it now, perhaps I have over-reacted…

Is this a normal complaint that most parents have, or am I suffering from the PFB Syndrome?  Well, whichever the case is, I hope Colby will grow out of this ‘oral exploration’ phase soon.  On a side note, I am hugely grateful to baby products that are made from 100% food grade ingredients, for instance Jo Lauren eczema cream, Sophie the Giraffe teether, Veggie Baby Finger Paint, etc.  While I won’t be too happy with him eating them as if they were baby food, at least I know these are safe if consumed by a curious baby.

How about you?  Do you have any PFB moment to share? ☺

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  1. guess i'm the PFB victim too! haha..anxiously worried for everything he touch, cleaning his hands and mouth constantly..hah!
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