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Welcome to the world, my son!

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eli peepsqeek

We praise the lord for blessing us a lovely son!

he brings happiness to our families also uncountable sleepless nights…*mommies, you  will know what i mean  :b *

As new parents, we try to provide our child the best that we can, we learn everyday through seeking elders experience, pediatrician, our family doctor, researching, reading books, sharing with other mothers.

We love to bring him around, meeting friends/relatives, shopping, brunch/lunch/dinner and TRAVELING! (yes, he been joining our every single trips since he is 3 months old)

It awesome to travel with little one! (I must admit that sometimes it can get quite disastrous…)
But nothing can replace the joyful moments that you spend together especially when both of you are enjoying as well.

I’m a working mother and can’t help to thinking how to spend more time with my baby? Wish that i will be there for his every little new experience that he encounters; every smile that he makes, every moment with him is so precious to me.

Mommies are welcome to share with us your experience :)


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