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Sundays = Family Outings!

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As I work from Mon to Fri, and my hubby works from Tue to Sat, the only common off day we have is Sunday, and that is our allocated family time with our little darling! We will try to bring him out on Sundays, since he is already homebound on all other days except for the daily trips to the playground. We also find that it is a lot more tiring to stay at home, especially with our LO’s boundless energy. So what are the places we bring him to? Any FOC or cheap/discounted entry tickets that we can lay our hands on!
1) Singapore Botanical Gardens – Entry is FOC, and it is such a nice place for kids to run around and explore the beautiful greenery.
2) Mandai Zoo & River Safari – I am lucky that my company has the corporate pass, which allows for free entry to the zoo & river safari for 4 persons. My boy is more interested in the water playground rather than the animals, although we find that the water may be a bit too cold in the morning.
3) Jurong Birdpark – For those with the POSB Passion Card, we can bid for coupons to some of the attractions on the 10th of every month, via the DBS lifestyle app. We managed to get free entry to Jurong Birdpark twice, and our boy really enjoyed himself at the waterpark and playground.
4) Sentosa and Cable Car – Using the same Passion Card promotion, we also managed to get free cable car roundtrip ride from Mount Faber to Sentosa and back. We like the beach at Sentosa, which is cleaner and less crowded as compared to East Coast. Best of all, parking at Mount Faber is also free on a Sunday!
5) Indoor gyms – There are some indoor gym classes for toddlers which offer free/discounted classes for first timers, and all we needed to do was to make reservations in advance.
6) Public pools – We have free credits for the ActiveSG app, and we used it to bring him to the swimming pools, although it does get rather crowded during weekends.
7) Groupon/Deals – I checked for good deals regularly via Groupon or, and so far, we have purchased vouchers for infant swim classes, music classes, indoor playground and even cooking classes at hugely discounted price.
8) Last but not least, we have brought our boy to Toys R Us, and he was so fascinated with all the stuff at this mega toy store. He will touch touch this and touch touch that, but is not old enough to ask us to buy toys for him (yet). We may have to avoid going to Toys R Us too often when he grows older…
How about you? Where do you usually go for your family outings? 

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