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Smoothie-making – Lessons Learnt

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As a follow-up to my last post, I decided to try making smoothie for my dear boy. All the research online suggested that smoothie makes a healthy and delicious breakfast/snack for toddlers, and toddlers generally love smoothie! What’s there not to like right? I mean it is sweet, cold, easy to consume – and best of all, easy to make! (And so I thought).

My first attempt was the all-time favorite banana strawberry smoothie. I put slices of the banana and strawberry in the freezer the night before, as I was told that frozen fruit slices will help to keep the smoothie cool without any ice and add a smooth, creamy consistency. And to make sure that my smoothie will be a nutritious one, I went to buy the new Meiji Bulguria yoghurt without any added sugar or flavoring. I couldn’t find it in NTUC Finest and had to go to Cold Storage to get the yoghurt.

Well, my first mistake was not using a blender with an ice-crusher function. The frozen fruits were as hard as ice, and my Avent blender stalled halfway during the process. I had to switch to another blender to continue the task. And when the smoothie was finally done, I realized that my boy had difficulties trying to suck his breakfast up the straw, as the drink was way too thick. Even adults found it hard to drink the smoothie through a straw. Sadly, he rejected the smoothie after a few mouthfuls, and I guessed that it was too cold for him. He probably isn’t used to drinking cold stuff, especially first thing in the morning.

I am not giving up on smoothie making, but this is what I am going to try during my next attempt:
• pre-freeze only a small portion of the fruits, so that not all slices will be as hard as ice, and will not be as cold too
• use a blender with ice-crushing function
• use less yoghurt and add more milk/water so that it will not be too thick

Wish me luck on my next attempt! Stay tuned for the results ☺

PS: My boy is still learning to use a cup, and I find the Bitatto Mug really useful here to prevent any smoothie spill.

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