Milk Powder Storage Bag (30pcs)

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Product Description

Food and milk hygiene is possibly one of the biggest areas any new mom needs to pay attention to, and one of the areas that some headache for busy moms. Sterilization of teats and milk bottles has probably become part of your daily regime. Taking baby out requires some planning and packing to make sure baby gets his feeds on time. Take-out containers for milk powder, breast milk and baby food also need to be sterilized, adding to your ever growing list of chores.

All Baby N Me packs, food pack included, come pre-sterilized and FDA approved to minimize your effort while still preventing bacterial contamination.

Baby N Me storage bags might be just the solution for you. They come made for three main purposes – easy storage and packing of (1) baby food, (2) milk powder and (3) breast milk.

Product Features

  • Easy and Hygienic Disposable Pack
  • Pre-Sterilized and FDA Approved Material Used
  • Wide Safe Double Layers Zipper
  • Durable Material to Prevent Leakage
  • Made of BPA Free and Non Toxic Material
  • Convenient Design (Safe Corner)
  • Every pack is pre-sterilized to maintain the freshness of contents and prevent any bacterial contaminated.
  • Created and manufactured with cute design appearance.
  • Wide Double Zipper technology was applied to complete Perfect Air-Tight Sealing.
  • Made from Durable material for easier, faster pouring powdered milk in baby bottle without a mess.
  • Made of BPA Free and Non Toxic Material.

Package: 30pcs in each box

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