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Our Story

pixel 300dpiGreetings, welcome to Peepsqeek!

Our founder of Peepsqeek Asia is a mother herself with a child and a supportive husband. They have been traveling extensively with their child since he was 3 months old.

Traveling with an infant is never easy. The travel list is always extensive which results in your luggage constantly being easily occupied with your child’s belongings and travel essentials.

These essentials will probably include a minimum of 3 sets of cloths per day,  sufficient baby food, bathing toiletry etc. the list goes on. It’s a massive task before one is able to proceed for an “enjoyable” holiday.

Besides the hassle of preparation, packing and a cranky baby who is often crying, eager to touch everything, and pooping on the plane, nothing can replace the bonding experience and memory of traveling with your infant. Babies are usually more excited when traveling to a new destination with their parents (Somehow they know no matter how old they are, it is amazing feeling!). These great moments that a child brings to their parents during these trips are priceless.

Our goal is to help you travel as light as possible. We have searched and tried out many different products, understanding and knowing which is necessary to bring along. Examples include using suitable diaper bag, accessories and others gadgets, this will help you enlighten and make your journey more enjoyable.

We understand that every parent would want to travel with their child with ease. Just like our founder, sharing a precious great moments with her child while traveling, opening their eyes to different culture and just simply enjoying the company of her child. At Peepsqeek, we believe in quality products that will make your lives easier and sharing these experiences with other mums.