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Mama Mama Mamaaaaaa!!!

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And so my dear boy has been rather sticky to me lately. If he knows I am home, he will be on a constant lookout for me, so much so that my dad commented “你要放个屁都难”. Of course I am secretly very happy that my son has such strong sense of attachment to me, even though it does get quite exasperating sometimes, especially when I can’t even go to the bathroom for a quick nature call. I heard from other mommies that this is very common, and most babies or toddlers this age will stick to their moms like glue.

But I do have another big problem – I am still nursing my boy and it is getting harder and harder each day to wean him off. He already knows how to ask for milk and will be very upset if I say no to his request. Although it is a drag to wake up at night to feed him, I still enjoy our bonding sessions very much, and I just can’t bear to wean him off right now. My hubby thinks that our boy is so sticky to me precisely because I am still nursing him (which I think may have a little bit of truth in it).

Recently my hubby and I went on a short trip to Thailand without him, but very unfortunately, he fell sick just prior to us leaving for the trip. He had high fever, sore throat, diarrhoea, and was very miserable for days. And as expected, he was so clingy to me the whole time, and we were in such a dilemma of whether to cancel the trip or not. Eventually my mom convinced us to go, and my husband was of the view that our boy has to learn to cope without having me around all the time. After we came back from the trip, my mom said that he was looking for me day and night, and cried himself to sleep every time asking “mama, where?”. His eyes were so swollen from all the crying that my parents were very 心痛。Of course I felt super guilty hearing that…

I have a work trip coming up in September, and I will be away for more than a week. Although I will probably miss my boy like crazy, we also agree that this will be a good opportunity for me to try weaning him off. My hubby is also spending more time playing with him, hoping to minimise his separation anxiety (from me), and it actually works! So now when he wakes up in the morning, he will also ask “papa, where?”, although it is obvious that mama is still his top priority, haha! Perhaps in many years to come, when my boy becomes a teenager who is embarrassed to be seen with his mom, then I will start to miss such times when he still wants to spend his every moment with me :)

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  1. Cool! That's a clever way of lokiong at it!
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