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When the Little One Falls Sick

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It hasn’t been an easy month for me. Poor boy was down with diarrhoea which lasted more than 3 weeks! There was no vomiting or fever, but he had green, runny poo around 5-6 times a day. We made three trips to the doctor, and even sent his stool for examination. I was pretty sure that it was toddler diarrhoea (chronic diarrhoea), but thankfully he recovered and I was so glad to see his nice, solid poo poo again after so long!

It was around the same time when my baby was due for his first MMR jab. He started acting cranky and fussy about a week after the vaccination, and woke up numerous times at night. He would cry and cry and there was nothing we could do to pacify him. His body felt slightly warmer than usual, but was always less than 37.5 deg. when we took his temperature. Just when I thought that things were never going to improve and I would never get a good night sleep again (a bit of an exaggeration but you get my point), he started to smile and laugh and be mischievous, just like old times.

Just one or two weeks approaching Chinese New Year, his eczema started to flare up, particularly on the face and heels. There was nothing much we could do except to apply moisturiser on him diligently. To make things worse, he caught a cold from me, and had difficulty sleeping at night due to his blocked nose. We gave him some antihistamines as prescribed by our doctor, so that it could help with both the itch and the cold. He has recovered now, just in time to enjoy all the CNY visiting. The best thing is that he has finally put on some weight, after being stagnant for months.

I do hope that the Year of Goat will be a good one – and most importantly, I hope my baby stays strong and healthy, and if possible, please let daddy & mummy sleep well at night  Zzzzzzz…

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