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Let’s Get WET!!

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Kidzworld 2 Kidzworld

I was researching on fun places to bring kids to and came across an article that suggested the wet play area at Kidzworld at Mandai Zoo. I was a bit hesitant at first as my son is only 9 months old and has yet to learn to walk on his own. According to the zoo website, the play area is suitable for kids of all ages, including babies! We decided to give it a try as I have free entry to the zoo with my corporate pass.

We arrived at the zoo rather early at 8am, and the Kidzworld starts operation only at 9am. We had a quick breakfast and brought our boy around to see the animals, but he wasn’t very interested in them. Thinking that he was probably too young still to appreciate the animals-viewing, we headed straight to the Kidzworld. The place was pretty empty when we arrived, with only a couple of kids in the watery wonderland.

After changing into his rash guard and swim diaper (and slapping on lots of sunblock), my hubby accompanied our boy to the animal-themed playground with lots of tower showers, water shooters, rain arches and floor fountains. The mommy (yes, me!) has to stay dry to take videos and photographs. Our son loves, loves, loves the wet play area and would squeal in delight whenever the dad carried him through the water sprays. At first we were pretty worried that he might catch a cold if he played for too long, but we couldn’t bear to make him leave upon seeing how much he was enjoying himself. It was nearly an hour after when we decided that it was time to go. The sun was getting hot and the crowd was coming in too.

We were rather impressed with the outdoor shower facilities which are child-friendly. There is also a nursing room right next to the diaper-changing facility, which was great for me as my son was very hungry after all the playing. For those who did not bring swimwear or extra clothes to change, the gift shop has plenty of options to choose from. Overall, it was a fantastic morning and we can’t wait to bring him there again soon!!

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