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Food for Tots

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I am running out of ideas for my LO’s meals! So currently he takes 3 solid meals a day, with milk in-between. For breakfast, he will usually have mashed food (root vegetables and fruits) or steamed egg. Then he will have the same fish/pork porridge for lunch and dinner. A doctor once told me that children this young do not need a great variety in their food, but even I get bored looking at him eating the same stuff day in day out. He is not a big fan of cereals and yoghurt, so what else can I offer him for breakfast? He loves bread, but I am worried about the salt and refined sugars. I recently bought a pack of baby pasta, but have yet to let him try. First I have to figure out how to make pasta sauce that is appropriate for freezing, so that my MIL can just heat up the sauce and add in the pasta. More importantly, he has to like it. Sometimes we put in so much effort in making healthy and nutritious food for him, but he rejected them and we had to throw the entire batch away, sigh! Any good recipes to share?

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  1. Yes, it is so much effort yet they might not appreciate....sighs... can try some mee sua, banana pancake, home bake cookies/cake/bread (less sugar and preservative etc..) or some fried noodle/pasta. :)
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