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Baby’s First Overseas Trip

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I am back from my family trip to Bali, having spent months planning this short 4D3N trip to cater for everyone – the old, not-so-old, young, and the very young. Overall, I think I deserve a pat on the back for doing quite a good job.

We took Garuda, after taking into account cost consideration and flight timing. The plane was rather small and cramped (with no bassinet), but thankfully it was only a short 2.5 hours flight. The stewardess gave toys to my young nephew and niece, which I thought was a nice gesture. My baby did not get any toy, but was provided with Heinz baby food and a piece of diaper. The flight timings were really good though – our departure from SG was around noon time, hence we did not have to wake up real early and could check in to our villa when we arrived in Bali. Our departure from Bali was in late afternoon, and we could check out around noon time – just nice!

We stayed at a 3-bedroom villa in Nusa Dua, with a fully-equipped kitchen and a relatively big swimming pool. It was just nice for the 9 of us – my parents, my sister’s family with 2 kids, and my family with a toddler/baby. The kids, including my 14-month old, love the pool! There was no pool fence, and one end of the pool was 1.6m in depth, so we had to constantly remind the children not to go near the pool by themselves. Besides the pool, my baby loved to climb up and down the stairs in the villa, which was very exhausting for the accompanying adult.

As our villa has a fully-equipped kitchen, we brought along a small-sized slow cooker to cook porridge for my little one, in addition to some ready-made baby food (which he wasn’t a fan of). He ate very little porridge while he was there, always looking to run off to play with the cousins after a few mouthfuls. He survived mainly on mommy milk and his favourite star biscuits, which was essential in keeping him happy on the plane/minivan. I think he lost some weight while on holiday – just couldn’t get him to sit down properly for a meal. But thankfully, his appetite went back to normal after coming back to SG.

My 14-month old was happy to go everywhere with us and appeared to be interested in everything – rice terrace, coffee & spice plantation, beach, uluwatu cliff (he was fascinated by the crashing waves!), pirates café, etc. We spent an afternoon in Ubud in a wood carving workshop for the men and silver jewellery making for the ladies. The kids entertained themselves by playing the bamboo xylophone and chasing the house cat and dog. It was a lot of fun for all! The only time that my boy would fuss during the trip was when we put him in the child seat for prolonged period of time – which I had already tried to cut down to a minimum. I brought along a hipseat carrier, but hardly used it as there were many adults around to help carry him.

I think my son really enjoyed his first overseas vacation – he loves waking up in the morning to see so many people, especially his cousins. He got to spend time with daddy & mummy (who are usually at work during weekdays), and saw so many new places/things. I bet he really enjoyed sleeping in the air-conditioned room at night – which I hardly do so at home due to his dry skin. Now I am more confident of bringing him for holidays, and I am already thinking of our next destination!

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