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My Baby is a Toddler!

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And so my darling boy turned 1 this month! We did not hold a fancy birthday bash for him, but instead had simple, intimate celebrations with both sides of the family. The celebration was also for daddy & mommy, who had survived their first year of parenthood (not an easy task, I would say!), as well as for the caretakers who had taken such good care of him while the parents were away.

He is at such an adorable age now and so much fun to play with! He crawls and climbs and walks (with support) everywhere; and still drives the mom crazy by putting everything into his mouth. He can imitate our facial expressions really well, and I love it when he makes funny faces. He recognises the names of certain objects and will point them out to us whenever he sees them. He has also become more vocal with his likes and dislikes, and his favourite word now is probably “no”. Looking back, he has really grown and learnt so much over his first year.

I am really thankful to be able to witness his little milestones, e.g. his first taste of solid food, when he first sat up on his own, when he learnt to crawl/climb/cruise, his first tooth, when he learnt to clap and tap, when he mastered the pincer grasp, and the list goes on. Now I can understand why people always tell me that they miss their kids’ first year the most. It may be the most tiring having to take care of a baby, but it is also extremely rewarding and satisfying, seeing how they achieve their many “first”.

What I would probably miss most would be cradling my boy to sleep every night. I know what they say about sleep-training our babies by letting them fall asleep on their own in the cots, but heck it! I love having him in my arms and just watching his peaceful face while he sleeps. I don’t know for how long I can continue doing this until, but for now, I will treasure the most babyish trait left in my growing toddler.

Let the exciting phase of toddlerhood begins!

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