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And the Little One Bakes!

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We brought our boy to a baking class for kids recently, and it was pretty enjoyable! The class was only an hour long, but it gave the children hands-on experience with making cupcakes. The teacher started off by introducing all the ingredients that were required, and then the kids got the chance to prepare their own batter. My darling boy had the most fun tasting the icing (much to his mother’s dismay) and decorating his cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles. He made 3 cupcakes – one for himself, and one each to Ah-Gong and Ah-Ma. Days after the baking class, he would still tell me “Mommy, oven hot hot!” The cupcakes were relatively easy to make, but definitely not the healthiest choice given the amount of butter and sugar! I am looking for a simple yet healthy recipe to try out with my boy at home. Do you have any to share?Cupcake

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